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This island in the Bahamas has been a refuge for sea turtles and their eggs, fishers, sailors on their way back from large treasure hunts, and slaves who had escaped from plantations. Local folk stories tell about a small ship that had run out of food and water while on its way to Nassau. The island's current inhabitants found the shipwrecked sailors and shared with them what little food they had left. This post will explore the various historical aspects of the island property on the island and why it's a great place to own a home.


Cat Island formed almost five million years ago after the Lesser Antilles land bridge emerged from a shallow sea. Most of the land that formed the island's core is still there today, even after repeated…

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Located a short distance from Miami, the Caribbean islands hold a special place in the world. That's because they have so much to offer. Many people appreciate the mild climate that allows them to be outdoors all year long. In Bimini, the heat is low in humidity, making it an ideal location to get away from other places under the sweltering sun. Those who come here will also find great food and a vibrant culture just waiting to be revealed.

Great Weather

One of the great joys of visiting or buying property in the Bahamas is that the climate here is quite pleasant all year long. This part of the globe enjoys a mild climate with temperatures that rarely rise above 85 in the summer or fall below 60 in the winter. Get away from all that unwelcoming,…

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A holiday home or a vacation home is a great addition to your family and gives you many benefits. If you have your own home, you can go on vacation whenever you have some free time from work or other responsibilities. You can also build a sense of community at a vacation location to settle down in the home and have it feel more familiar. 

However, before buying a holiday home, there are several things you need to consider. Let's take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind before making a purchase. 

  1. Consider the Location

It’s possible that you already have a location in mind and are in love with the idea of some quaint French village or a snowy Swiss town. There is nothing wrong with knowing exactly where you want to buy…

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