The pandemic is changing everything and impacting the real estate industry like no other time in history. The Bahamas is going through similar challenges that began before the lockdowns, mandatory quarantines, and restrictions. In 2019, Hurricane Dorian created a shortage of available homes on the markets from the widespread damage and destruction. Last year the pandemic made things worse where sales fell by 17%, and inventories declined by 30%. Things are improving in the markets this year, and you have the opportunity to own Bahamas real estate for a fraction of the costs. Before you start aggressively entering the market, you must know some tips and tactics to find the best homes for sale in the Bahamas. The knowledge you gain makes things easier in locating a property that is attractively priced with your favorite amenities. 


Rentals are one of the most effective ways to maximize your return on your investment when it comes to real state in the Bahamas. Since the beginning of the year, arrivals are increasing, and more people are coming to the Bahamas. 

There are two main categories to include short-term and common rentals with regulations favoring landlords. Both are negotiated between the tenant and landlord about the price and terms, and conditions. Short-term rentals require a deposit and reservation fee ranging from 20% to 55% of the total price. Common rentals involve a security deposit, the first, and last month’s rent. These properties offer lucrative benefits for generating income and increasing your overall returns on the property. If someone does not pay the rent, you don’t have to go to court to obtain an eviction order. Instead, you can call the police, explain the situation, and they will remove the unwanted party from the property. The landlord-friendly rental market makes it easy to take advantage of tourism increases in the post-Covid-19 environment. 

Know the Areas 

One of the most critical things, if you are looking to invest in Bahamas real estate, is to know which areas provide the highest potential for appreciation. Not all communities are the same, and just because it looks nice does not mean that you will see the increases you want. For example, the high-end communities such as Old Fort Bay and Ocean Club Estates see 16% yearly increases. Cable Beach and Sandy Port are even more significant than this, with appreciation levels going up 19.8%. Other high-end communities such as Lyford Cay and Port New Providence see prices fall between 6% and 15%. Knowing what areas to search for homes for sale in the Bahamas is the key to finding the right one. Doing some research and asking questions helps you to locate properties that increase in value and are suitable long-term investments.  

Know Your Budget

In some of the upper-end communities, real estate in the Bahamas can get very expensive and out of the budget for some people. These are located in gated communities with boat docks; canals, security guards, and landscaping are included. Some good examples of this are Fort Bay and Sandy Port, where prices rise the fastest in the Bahamas. The prices range from $700 thousand to $1 million in these areas versus what you are receiving in others. 

Knowing your budget and what you can spend is the key to selecting a location that meets your expectations for your affordability and is secure. These are some of the most significant factors you need to consider when looking at properties in the Bahamas. 

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