Oceanfront property will be one of the few things you buy in your lifetime that explodes in value, at least for a few decades. If you can somehow afford it, now is the time to buy it. It’s a good investment, and your kids will thank you. Oceanfront property comes with many other perks besides long-term investment value. Here are family friendly-reasons to buy oceanfront property in Eleuthera.

1. Oceanfront Property Keeps You Close to the Water – And Other Stuff

Oceanfront property keeps you close to the water, which is good if your kids are into fishing or snorkeling. The water can be as warm as 80 degrees, and there are coral reefs as far as you can see. If your kids want to play on the beach, they can walk out on their private oceanfront property. When you wake up in the morning, you can watch the sunrise from the beach, which is a pretty incredible sight.

2. Oceanfront Property Will Give Your Kids a Real Taste of Caribbean Life

If your kids have never experienced anything like Caribbean life, they are in for a real treat. There is a laid-back, you’re-on-vacation type of atmosphere in Eleuthera that is hard to find anywhere else. Even though things move slower, the island takes good care of its residents and tourists. There are activities for everyone from dancers to divers, with lots of opportunities for locals and visitors to make friends.

If you love swimming in the Caribbean, then a beachfront property in Eleuthera is great. The water is not too salty, despite several reefs nearby, which keep it clean. Eleuthera has plenty of beaches and bays for your kids to play on when they get bored playing in the water.

3. Oceanfront Property Makes Your Vacation Run Smoothly

If you have never taken a vacation in Eleuthera, you should know that it’s not always easy. If your family is large or you are traveling with a lot of stuff, having oceanfront property will make your life much easier. You can easily walk from your oceanfront property to the beach and most restaurants and amenities without worrying about renting a car or getting lost.

4. The Water is Never Too Cold for Your Kids

Eleuthera has no significant temperature changes that would make the water too cold for your kids. The water temperature stays relatively constant from day to night and year to year. If you need a place where you feel like you can go in the water and not have to worry about the temperature, then you should consider oceanfront property in Eleuthera.

5. Oceanfront Property is a Great Place to Watch the Sunset

Oceanfront property gives you a wonderful view of the sunset, which is something you can’t do on beaches that are farther away from the water. There are no dunes, rough waves, or obstacles for you to worry about when it gets dark. You can sit comfortably on your private oceanfront property and watch the sunset over the ocean.


There are many advantages to owning oceanfront property, especially if you have small children. If you have never been to the Caribbean, these are good reasons to buy such property in Eleuthera. At Island Property Group, we will help you get the beachfront condos for sale in Eleuthera. We can help you find the perfect property with beautiful views and lots of space. Contact us today if you plan on purchasing an oceanfront property.

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