Residency and Employment Requirements


Accelerated consideration is given to applications received to the Bahamas Government for annual or permanent residence when investors are owners of residences in The Bahamas valued in excess of $500,000. You may stay in The Bahamas as a visitor for up to eight months after showing you can support yourself financial for this period. You cannot engage in any form of gainful employment during this time.

Annual residency permit

If you wish to reside in The Bahamas on an annual basis you may qualify for residency as described below. However, successful applicants are not permitted to work.

  1. Spouse or dependent of a citizen of The Bahamas

If you've been married to a Bahamian for less than five years you may be issued a resident spouse permit for up to five years. After such time, you may apply for a permanent resident permit or for citizenship.

    2. Spouse or dependent of a permit holder

An applicant must provide in addition to the usual application, a copy of the sponsor's work permit, permit to reside, and a certificate of permanent residence.

    3. Independent economic resident

Included in the application requirement, a financial reference is expected from a respected bank along with two character references. Applications for household heads is $1,000 and $25 each dependent.

   4. Resident Homeowner, or Seasonal resident Homeowner

As a non-Bahamian with a second home in The Bahamas, you must apply to the director of immigration for an annual homeowner's residence card. The fee is $250 per year. As an annual renewable card, you and each member of your family, i.e. spouse or any minor children traveling with you can remain in the the country for up to one year. 

Application for Permanent Residence

You must be able to confirm you are of sound character and show evidence of financial support. You may apply in the following categories:

  1. As a spouse of a Bahamian, if male, you must have been married for not less than five years. Women married to a Bahamian may apply at any time after marriage.
  2. Applying as an economic applicant due to an investment e.g. home, or business
  3. As a person who can confirm family ties within The Bahamas


Obtaining a work permit

There is a very strict policy that no expatriate should be offered a position for employment that a Bahamian can perform. Having said that, after advertising a position suitably without success, an employer may apply to the Department of Immigration to recruit a worker from outside the country. An application for a work permit is likely to be denied if a potential employee is already in The Bahamas having entered as a visitor.

Work permit fees range between $350 to $10,000 depending on the category.