Relocation can be challenging, even if you're shifting to an aesthetic island like the Bahamas. You might have visited the place once or twice as a tourist. But short-term trips and permanent residence are two separate things.  

Therefore, you must consider quite a few factors to determine if the Bahamas is suitable for you and, most importantly: which area in the Bahamas is best for you.  

Moreover, it is best to weigh your preferences of relocation, is it for business, retirement, or you just want to enjoy the serene location. All comes into consideration for finding a perfect place for you.  

Once you are done with it, you are open to a lot more options. Here we are discussing four of the best places in the Bahamas.  


Freeport is one of the biggest and most spacious cities in the Bahamas. However, that doesn't make it busier because it still has a lesser population than places like Nassau. You can, however, expect to see more hustle and bustle during the vacation seasons because Freeport is an alluring tourist site as well.  

If you want to live somewhere with all amenities at your disposal and an international airport to travel to other places, Freeport is ideal for you. The city is also close to Florida. The only downfall of the place is its slightly costly utilities and entertainment. But the infrastructure and the overall pocket-friendly cost of living make Freeport a strategic area to relocate to.  

Andrews And Lyford Cay  

If you're shifting to the Bahamas with your family, you may require a community near well-reputed schools. Andrews and Lyford Cay can be ideal spots to reside. The best feature is their low crime rate and more walled, secured, and gated residential options.   

The places don't offer contemporary vibes. However, there's something tranquil and classic about the charms of these quaint areas that offer comfort and originality to the inhabitants.  


Nassau is the perfect spot to live for people who value the buzz of activities and the high population. The city was previously called Charles Town and today houses the highest number of locals in the Bahamas.  

You can expect to experience festivals, gatherings, and events happening almost year-round. And Nassau is also the economic hub of the Bahamas, with quality infrastructure and health facilities. Naturally, it has the tightest security in all of the Bahamas and a higher living cost than other cities. But if you aim at settling somewhere with more business and employment opportunities, Nassau is your best pick.  


Abaco is a haven for every family or individual who loves living near the fresh waters. The homely island is a blissful space that offers several water sport alternatives. Be it fishing or boating and a laid-back lifestyle. Abaco is a hospital city where you can live with utmost calmness and still keep yourself active and lively through water-based activities.   

Although Abaco isn't as modern as other cities in the Bahamas, it still provides several gated and walled societies to maintain seclusion. And that's one vital reason for an overall lower crime rate in the area, making it an even more family and children-friendly space to live in.  

Professional Real Estate Experts At Your Service!  

If you’re still confused about what place suits your needs and can be a potential investment, you can always reach out to real estate experts. The Bahamas real estate homes property, BAMA, are well-informed and can offer you better guidance on the Bahamas and its best spaces for your preferences.  

The Island Property Group is one of the top-tier and experienced real estate firms in the Bahamas. They can help you connect with all the property sellers on the island. While they assist the buyers in finding their dream residence, the business helps sellers with home evaluation and marketing plans for their space.   

You can click on their website for the latest updates and property listings in all inhabitant islands of the Bahamas. In case of queries or confusion, you can call 1-407-361-5604 or contact the Bahamas brokers and real estate marketers individually.  

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Start your journey as you live in one of the most peaceful, secure, and practical places in the Bahamas. The experts of the Bahamas real estate homes property, BAMA, await your call!  


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