Mayaguana, Bahamas

Relax; close your eyes; now imagine inhaling the salty breeze, feeling the fine sand particles running through your toes, and hearing that lulling sound of crashing waves. Can you hear the flapping and squeaking of several birds? See the blue skies casting emerald shades on the vast seawater?  

That’s the beautiful serenity of Mayaguana, Bahamas. Living in such a place sounds terrific, doesn’t it? But is it worthwhile to invest in real estate here?

This Bahamian island may not be as old as its surrounding ones, but it is equally stunning. The air feels therapeutic, and the charming vibes are enough to beguile you. So, if you’re someone who loves the concept of living or spending your summers near secluded and blissful beaches, here’s a tip for you. Get yourself real estate on the island of Mayaguana!  

Below are listed the vital elements that make the aesthetic island one of the best places to invest in and live a peaceful, beyond fascinating life.  


The island is relatively newer, with its inhabitation beginning in 1812 only. Therefore, comparatively, Mayaguana is home to a smaller population. Some people might feel worried because they love living in energetic vibrancies. But few people prefer privacy. Therefore, Mayaguana is an ideal haven for individuals with remote work who VALUE seclusion and private space.  


The Bahamas is the epitome of picturesque content, and the same’s the case for Mayaguana as well. The place is as aesthetic as it is calming. The beaches are relaxing and act as ideal stress-relievers for everyone trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of hectic city lives.  

Classical Way Of Life  

The Bahamian island may not be developed like other better-known islands in the Bahamas. However, Mayaguana has a certain charm with its ageless and traditional way of living. Be it the wholesome seafood or the way people live, everything feels homely and nostalgic.  

Future Free-Trade Zone  

A significant portion of the island is allocated to develop free-trade zones. These are positive prospects for Mayaguana because as soon as it’s finalized, you can accept the real estate values to hit the roof with the economic development and coastal transformation. That’s one reason for buying property immediately while it’s still relatively more affordable!  


One of the biggest concerns when buying property is the security of that area. Because Mayaguana is a smaller area where everyone knows each other, there’s a sense of familiarity and high protection. According to the Police reports, crime rates each year are almost zero. That’s a massive assist for the peace of mind that investors want when making such crucial decisions.  

Why Mayaguana Might Not Work For You?

It’s essential to determine the pros and cons of every area you’re thinking of buying real estate in. Therefore, while Mayaguana might seem tempting, you must also consider the following elements.  

Nature of Work  

If you’re planning to live in Mayaguana, it’s ideal if you’re either retired or work remotely. The island isn’t exactly a commerce hub right now. While potential ventures are in place to encourage economic development, it can still take a while to start attracting prominent business and commercial activities.  

Holiday Vs. Permanent Residence  

You must consider buying real estate in Mayaguana for permanent residence or as a summer getaway. Residence can mean considering additional elements like education (if you’ve got toddlers and middle-school-aged children). However, the Bahamian island is absolutely terrific to have your vacation house in. Imagine getting away from the humid city heat and spending your holidays by the pristine beach, munching on freshly-caught seafood. Delightful!   


Eventually, your lifestyle is a massive element contributing to your property-buying decision-making. Your preferences for versatility vs. modernistic architecture and facilities, requirements for recreational activities, and food palate are essential determinants to check if Mayaguana is a profitable investment for you or not.  

Reach Out To Experienced Real Estate Professionals 

It’s okay to have concerns and be curious to learn more about Mayaguana before buying a property. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.  

You can contact Island Property Group with your queries and our experts will help you decide what places in Mayaguana, Bahamas, suit your preferences and budget the best. To speak to our real estate specialists you can call 1-407-361-5604 right away. 

Experienced real estate professionals are just one call away! 

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