Relocation can be challenging, even if you're shifting to an aesthetic island like the Bahamas. You might have visited the place once or twice as a tourist. But short-term trips and permanent residence are two separate things.  

Therefore, you must consider quite a few factors to determine if the Bahamas is suitable for you and, most importantly: which area in the Bahamas is best for you.  

Moreover, it is best to weigh your preferences of relocation, is it for business, retirement, or you just want to enjoy the serene location. All comes into consideration for finding a perfect place for you.  

Once you are done with it, you are open to a lot more options. Here we are discussing four of the best places in the Bahamas.  

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Looking for a unique and exotic vacation destination? Look no further than Cat Island! This beautiful island is located in the Bahamas and is home to some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Island, from its history to its attractions. We'll also provide some tips on how to get there and where to stay. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!

Even though this is a relatively small island, there is a lot of history on it. The first people known to have visited the island were the Lucayans, who used the Island as a place to send their criminals and outcasts. However, they never stayed for long because of this island's poor soil and lack of natural…

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A holiday home or a vacation home is a great addition to your family and gives you many benefits. If you have your own home, you can go on vacation whenever you have some free time from work or other responsibilities. You can also build a sense of community at a vacation location to settle down in the home and have it feel more familiar. 

However, before buying a holiday home, there are several things you need to consider. Let's take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind before making a purchase. 

  1. Consider the Location

It’s possible that you already have a location in mind and are in love with the idea of some quaint French village or a snowy Swiss town. There is nothing wrong with knowing exactly where you want to buy…

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When making the decision to sell your Bahamas real estate, your mind will start to fill with concerns. You might have decided to move on or simply found another property that you want but need to sell your existing residence. No matter the reason, by following a few simple tips, you can know you are doing it right.

You should feel confident that you are going to get the most from your investment in the least amount of time possible. Let our experienced team show you the best way to do just that!  By following this guideline, you will learn what it takes to efficiently sell your Bahamas home in a worry-free way.

Start by finding the right agent who is qualified to sell your Bahamas real estate.

The easiest way to make sure your Bahamas…

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Owning a property makes you feel good and gives you a sense of accomplishment with your life. However, when you own a property, it also owns a piece of you, your time, energy, and money.

Vacation properties are the classic example of this, as we all want someplace to get away. But, sometimes, we don’t have the time or feel like going to the property after several years. These situations create extra financial burdens of paying the taxes and maintaining the property with no return.

The Bahamas is the one place foreigners flock to, thanks to the close proximity to the United States. The real estate market took a hit last year but is coming back as lockdowns and travel restrictions ease.

If you want to sell a Bahamas property, now is one of…

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You have recently purchased oceanfront property in the Bahamas. Now, it's time to roll up your sleeves and handle the maintenance aspect of your dream come true. If you worked with a real estate broker at Island Property Group to secure your property, you knew the level of maintenance required for this kind of property going in. At Island Property Group, it’s important to us to inform our clients about all aspects of the property prior to purchase.

You love the tropical environment, calm ocean sounds, and the fact that a beach day is just moments away. Therefore, you will do anything to ensure your property stays in great shape. These maintenance instructions will keep your property in good condition. 

Don’t forget, whether buying or selling…

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If you are selling your property, you may think the smarter decision is to sell it on your own instead of hiring a real estate broker. After all, the broker’s commission goes into the thousands, so you’ll be saving money doing it yourself, right? Not necessarily. If you don’t know the art of negotiating, you may be doing yourself a disservice when selling oceanfront condos in the Bahamas without the help of a real estate broker. Here are a few ways a broker, like our team at Island Property Group, has your back during this transaction.

Selling A Home Is Demanding

If you have a full-time job and somebody wants to see your home while you are at work, this is a missed opportunity. It’s very likely that this will happen more than once. Then,…

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Owning island property is considered by many to be a dream and only that. Most of us think of island living with private jets and luxury yachts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is true that island properties are bought and sold by the wealthy and super-rich. But there are actually hundreds of homes available that cost no more than the average home in the United States. 

Island Property Group has a long history of helping buyers and sellers with island property transactions. We have an in-depth knowledge of island real estate and can make the whole process an easy, efficient, and rewarding experience.

We have an incredible amount of homes on private islands listed between $200,000 and $300,000, many for even less! Take a look at…

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Just imagine owning a property that is close to South Florida but far enough away where you go to it anytime you want. Bahamas real estate is the answer to your dreams by giving you the closeness and everything a tropical paradise has to offer. 

You can easily purchase beachfront condos for sale in the Bahamas without breaking the bank. It is the one stable destination that offers the affordability that is missing in South Florida’s real estate market. 


The Bahamas is one of the most stable regions globally, with a 300-year history of practicing democracy. Any investment you make in Bahamas real estate will realize an increase in long-term value. Tourists are continuing to flock to the Bahamas from its low crime rate and…

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The pandemic is changing everything and impacting the real estate industry like no other time in history. The Bahamas is going through similar challenges that began before the lockdowns, mandatory quarantines, and restrictions. In 2019, Hurricane Dorian created a shortage of available homes on the markets from the widespread damage and destruction. Last year the pandemic made things worse where sales fell by 17%, and inventories declined by 30%. Things are improving in the markets this year, and you have the opportunity to own Bahamas real estate for a fraction of the costs. Before you start aggressively entering the market, you must know some tips and tactics to find the best homes for sale in the Bahamas. The knowledge you gain makes things easier…

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